Searching for a new home can be a tricky and time consuming process, realtors, like those at The Real Estate Solutions Team, can help you navigate through it.

But there are things buyers can do to help speed up the process, such as seeking pre-approval for their mortgage.

Why is Pre-Approval necessary?

For one thing, it speeds up the process. When you seek pre-approval the bank or lender tells you how much you can spend, giving you a price range to work within. Without this, you might be looking at home you can’t afford and then you’d have to start the process over again.

Secondly, it speeds up the time from finding a home to when you want to close on it. Because all of the paperwork is done, once you find a home you can just notify the lender and start the closing process quickly.

With homes selling faster because of the rebounding market, make sure you get the home you want before someone else gets it first!